Who am I ?

PhD, graduated in Genealogy and family history from the University of Nîmes,writer, blogger.

While working as a researcher in Environmental issues, I began researching my family history and became hooked on it.

I started the blog « aufildesgenerations.com » thanks to which I came in contact with many people sharing ancestors with me. I then graduated in « Genealogy and family history » from the University of Nîmes (2019).

I am interested in migrations from and to Europe and I have published a novel, telling the true story of a Romanian migrant « La fuite des poulets roumains ». It was selected for the final of the Galllimard price for youth litterature in 2015

I have also developed a specific interest in the history of the « Pope’s Jews » of Provence.

I lived in London for 10 years before moving back to France.