Terms and conditions

  1. The genealogist, Isabelle Scherer, has an obligation of means not of results. Therefore Isabelle Scherer is committed to work as thoroughly as possible according to the available archives ( other on the internet other in the French pubic archives). Her fees will have to be paid whatever the results of her research. Her fees can be lowered if no archive documents has been found. Isabelle Scherer commits herself to look for any documents that can prove the filiation of an individual, particularly birth, marriage and death registrations in parochial or state books (depending on the historical period). Research results will be available in a report detailing the documents that were found, those used to establish the filiation, and a summary of existing gaps.
  2. The deadline fixed between parties can be modified according to the various issues that could be met during the research i.e. lockdown, exceptional closure of archives departments, illness, and all other exceptional events. It can also be modified if the first meeting with the client is postponed due to the client or if the client failed to provide the family documents he/she claimed to be in his/her possession when signing the contract.
  3. The cost estimate can be lowered down if no archives are available . Modification of the contract including extra costs have to be approved by both parties with a 30 days notice.
  4. A 30% deposit must be paid by the client prior to the beginning of the research. Research will start as soon as both the signed contract and the deposit will be received by Isabelle Scherer. The balance will be paid at the end of the contract. Travel expenditures will have to be paid when necessary. A specific cost estimate for those will be made in due course.
  5.  Isabelle Scherer keeps the intellectual and moral property of the work achieved. French public documents being public are therefore not included in that property ( Law of March, 11, 1957)
  6. The client commits his/herself to :
    1. Making a private, honest and non fraudulent usage of the results. Avoid providing confidential information on a third party and to behave lawfully
    2. Provide the genealogist with all information and documents in his/her possession in order to allow the genealogist to begin her research in the best conditions and to save time.
    3. Acknowledge the reception of the final document and pay the corresponding bill in the week following its reception.
  7. Isabelle Scherer is bound by professional confidentiality and the respect of the French privacy laws.
  8. Responsibility Following the French law, each party will be responsible for corporal, material or non material damages caused to people or belongings from the other or third party, by its belongings or its behaviour.
  9. Length of contract. The present contract signed by both parties with the mention « read and approved , agreement given will take effect at the reception of the deposit and will last until the achievement of the result. The present contract can be terminated with a two weeks notice (including week-ends). In that case, amounts paid will not be reimbursed and a payment corresponding to the work already made but not yet paid can be rightfully claimed by Isabelle Scherer.
  10.  All disputes to be settled by the French Tribunal of Bayonne (64-France)