My skills : genealogy, family history, life story

Services :

Researching /creating your family tree.

  • Writing your family history. What was your ancestor’s occupation? His/her wealth? His military career? What happened to them ? Were they involved in historical events?
  • Checking the veracity of the information you might already have; checking existing family trees
  • Helping you to understand elements of your family history.
  • Guidance and help for those who have already started their family tree.
  • Houses’ history
  • Transcription/translation of old documents.

Life story

Your life is part of future genealogy. If you want to register your life story as a gift to future generations. It can be included in the genealogical document.

French Law on the respect of private life
Death certificates are always public
Birth and Marriage certificates are public after 75 years
After 1942 you will have to ask the French authorities for your documents by yourself.

Family tourism

Where did your ancestors live ?

Let’s go and visit the landscapes and places. I can do it for you or we can do it together. I will make the hotel reservations and provide all transport in France. Just book your ticket to France and let me organise the rest.


During therapy one might have to research the veracity of a family event or the reason why the fate of one ancestor is never mentioned. I collaborate with psychologists to help their patients find information.